MiraiEris online 61360 servers

Twitch notifications, anime airing notifications, MOTD, weather, osu!, advanced prune, and more...

Owner(s): Brussell#0660

Prefix: m.

Take your server to the future with Mirai Bot

Powerful Moderation

  • Message removal with filters
  • Automated role assignment/removal
  • Event log
  • Info commands (permissions, users, roles, etc)

Useful Utilities

  • Reminders
  • Twitch notifications
  • Currency conversions & Cryptocurrency stats
  • Weather and Google Maps
  • Anime episode notifications
  • Reddit search
  • osu! commands

Music Player

  • Support for many sources
  • YouTube and SoundCloud playlist support
  • Powerful permission controls (WIP)
  • User-made playlists (WIP)
  • And more...

User Engagement

  • Giveaways
  • Votes
  • Message of the Day