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A fun multi-purpose bot for Discord with an interactive Cleverbot as well many features.

Owner(s): Alan#6751, Unknown

Prefix: =


It's a bot which was designed to make maintaining a server as fun as it could be.

Moderation Utility MusicFun


=kick | =ban | =softban | =prune | =clean | =mute | =unmute | =tmute/timedmute | =move | =colour | =blacklist | =whitelist | =ignore | =unignore | =purge


=avatar | =userinfo | =serverinfo | =role | =id | =info | =invite | =timer/reminder | =roleset | =help | = roleinfo | =channelinfo


=randomcat | =8ball | =urban | =choose | =battle | =say
New and improved Cleverbot! Just mention me for a lively conversation!!


=summon | =play | =queue | =pause | =resume | =prev | =volume | =disconnect
Playlist support is in beta. Will be released officially after a few weeks.

For Kairos to Function Properly, some roles are needed.

  • "Kairos Admin" or "!' (Admin Role)
  • Bot Commander (Mod Role)
  • MusicMaster (Role for full access to Kairos' music features)
  • Kairos (For Kairos.)

New =roleset command added for auto creation of roles!


Introducing the New Welcomer! Used to welcome members in the server or show a message when they leave

Default Settings:

  • Welcome Message: "**Welcome** {0.mention} to **{1.name}!**"
  • Leaving Message: "**{0.name}** has left **{1.name}**"
  • PM Welcomer: Disabled
  • {0} is representing the Member and {1} is representing the Server

Do =welcomesettings for more info!


If you have encounter any problems regarding Kairos, feel free to come at our server and explain it to us. You can also DM us about the problem. Don't hesitate, we are always looking for more errors to fix. :^)

Server : Kairos Help

OAuth: Kairos OAuth

Owners and Contributors:

Owners: Matthew and Alan

Contributors: Voctor and Dex

For More info, Use =invite, =help =info.