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General purpose tools/meme bot to enhance your discord experience.

Owner(s): Big P#1843

Prefix: !

OcelotBOT is a general purpose tool and meme bot

Command list:

Command NameUsage
Magic 8-ball!8ball question
Ask Artificial Intelligence!ai question
Chinese Text!chinese text
Compliment!compliment person
Crush!crush user/url
Currency Converter!currency currency currency
Urban Dictionary!defineud word
Emoji Lookup!emoji term
Expand!expand word
Face Recognition!face [url] or embed
Leave Feedback!feedback [message]
Coin Flip!flip
Fursona Generator!fursona
Hanicapped Meme!handicap [text]
Help Command!help [command]
Identify Image!identify [URL]
Reddit Image Viewer!image subreddit
Insult!insult user
Invite Bot!invite
IP Info!ipinfo ip
Sad Counter!lamados
Last Crash!lastcrash
Meme!meme meme/list/add name url/globaladd name url
Number Fact!numberfact number
Overwatch Profile Info!overwatch profile [platform] [region]
Peter State!peterstate
Ping Address!ping address [timeout] [times]
Porn Suggest!pornsuggest [country]
PUBG Stats!pubg username [solo/duo/squad]
Reminders!remind in "message"
Source Server Info!serverinfo ip [port]
Server Settings!settings [set/help/list]
Sexy Singles Ad Generator!sexysingle user
Snapcode Generator!snapchat username
Spell!spell [^] word
Spongebob!spongebob [text]
Stats Command!stats
Service Status!status
Time!time [timezone]
Translate text!translate to-lang sentence
Trivia!trivia leaderboard
User Stats!userstats @user
Weather!weather place
WHOIS Lookup!whois domain
xkcd!xkcd [comic]