HiddenPhoxEris online 216 servers

A kitchen sink bot of sorts providing utilities, moderation tools and fun.

Owner(s): KaosHeaven#0001, Cynthiađź’ś#0112, BraixenIRL#0112

Prefix: hf!


About HiddenPhox

HiddenPhox is a multipurpose bot focused on moderation and utility but has general purpose and fun/social commands.

This bot logs commands and command contents for debugging and anti-abuse purposes to a different Discord guild. If you do not agree to this usage, do not use the bot. No logging of other messages is preformed.


  • Various lookup utility commands such as user, role, guild, invites, emotes, etc.
  • Basic image editing, mirroring and flipping.
  • Rich and visually appealing music system, supporting YouTube, Soundcloud, playlists and direct files along with dynamic volume.
  • Text based commands, fullwidth, dancing letters, bubbles, bunny with a sign.
  • Economy, steal from other users to get to the top of the leaderboards. (more economy features planned soon)
  • Moderation commands for quick and easy banning or kicking.
  • Self assignable roles, never be bothered by someone asking for a role again.