TypicalBotdiscord.js online

TypicalBot is an easy-to-use bot with commands that can be used for moderation, fun, and music!

Owner(s): HyperCoder#2975

Prefix: $

TypicalBot is an easy to use bot with some awesome commands for uses such as fun or moderation.
Some cool features I have are...
  • Music!
    • Play YouTube Videos
    • Queue Music Soon
    • Skip Songs Soon
    • YouTube Url Not Needed Soon
  • Music Permissions - Admin Only, DJ Only, All
  • Cat / Dog / Penguin Pictures
  • Image Search Command
  • Random Jokes / Yo Momma Jokes / Chuck Norris Jokes
  • Random Number Roller
  • Server Information Command
  • User Information Command
  • Get a List of Users by Discriminator
  • Asking the 8ball a Question
  • Get Server ID
  • Get Channel ID
  • "Say" Command (Makes the bot say what you input.)
  • Channel-Say Command (Same as the "say" command but direct channel.)
  • Prune Messages
  • Kick User
  • Soft-Ban User
  • Ban User
  • Join/Leave/Ban Announcement
  • Join Message (DMs Joining User.)
  • Anti Link / Anti Invite
  • Custom Prefixes
  • Role Color Changer
  • Give/Take Role to User
  • Bot List in Current Server