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Owner(s): Veld#0001

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The Ace of Discord bots
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High quality levelling systems

Over a year of development on Miki long we have perfected the levelling curve just so that you can enjoy an amazing experience full of rewards for you and your guildmates.


We have over 30 different and quirky achievements for you to get, just like a video game, you'll have to work hard to get 100%


With a exclusive library of cute anime girls doing all kinds of goofy things just so that you can show your reaction towards a certain event in your server.


Almost every aspect of the bot is fully Customizable, don't want levelling in one channel, but you do want them in the other? Done deal!

Fully open source

Unlike most giant bots, you can change things in the code and if approved it'll go live in the next build!

And so much more!!!