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A multi-purpose bot with moderation and other fun and useful commands

Owner(s): DefaltSimon#5072

Prefix: !, nano (customizable)


Nano is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a wide variety of features ranging from fun and useful commands to moderation tools.
It also features useful commands like poll creation and reminders. Besides those it has many fun commands to brighten up your day, like Xkcd, TF2, Minecraft, Steam, osu!, meme generation, random cat pictures and other commands.

"Official" Server
If you add Nano to your server, it is recommended that you join Nano Lounge for announcements and help regarding Nano.
Come join the Nano Lounge, where we will happily assist you.
Multiple languages
Nano is also translated into different languages for ease of use!
Commands and upcoming features
All commands are documented and explained here
See link below (Trello) for upcoming features and fixes.

pls no hate if something breaks

Nano's Trello Discord Server Nano on Crowdin