Scarecrowdiscord.py online 687 servers

A bot that follows twitter channels, stream their tweets in discord, and other stuff.

Owner(s): Papyrus#0095

Prefix: mention


Scarecrow is a bot I made for friends and their servers, it has a cool twitter stream feature and some additional fun and eventually useful commands.


Invite the bot to your server using this link, then perform commands listed below using the bot's mention as the commands' prefix, e.g:

@Scarecrow#8745 prefix add $
@Scarecrow#8745 follow discordapp

The help command will display the available commands list or information about the category or specific command you want.

@Scarecrow#8745 help
@Scarecrow#8745 help Misc
@Scarecrow#8745 help twitter fetch

Note that commands altering the bot's behavior usually require the user to have the Manage Server permission.