Hexacirclediscord.js online 11997 servers

A very easy to use Discord Moderation/Fun Bot!

Owner(s): EdibleDerpy#9121, EDerpy#0330

Prefix: +

Hexacircle is a moderation and soon to be music bot. Hexacircle is currently in v2 and v3 i being worked on right now. You'll have to be a little bit patient for that to come out.
We've gotten a lot of commands coded into the v3 version already. Soon it could be ready to beta test. If anyone is into beta testing the bot you can DM EdibleDerpy#9121 on the NorthstarOfficial Discord Server Listed below.

Main Developer: EdibleDerpy#9121

NorthstarOfficial Twitter: twitter.com/TheNSOfficial
NorthstarOfficial Discord: discord.gg/sgcscdc
Discord Music Discord: discord.gg/yabKPGP