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Unique image commands, reminders, and more. A bot made in Rust.

Owner(s): Amoo#2681

Prefix: +, mention, or custom

This is the result of on and off programming over the course of a few months. Includes many generic bot commands, but also includes several unique commands involving image creation such as ascii, bobross, orin, and hat.

If you need help, have a question, or have found a bug then join the discord server!

Special Image Commands

Command Description
Command Description
ascii Takes an image and makes it into ASCII art. Works with animated GIFs too!
bobross Makes your avatar or a given image into a Bob Ross painting.
distort Distorts your avatar or a given image. Accepts an optional level from 1-20.
fakequote Makes a fake Discord quote given a username and some text.
gun Points a gun at your avatar or a given image.
hat Puts a hat on your avatar.
hats Lists hats that you can put on your avatar with +hat. Currently santa, toplel, tophat, shark, fur, party, fedora.
latex Parses Latex to give you pretty math equations.
orin Puts a dancing Orin on a given image.
outline Outline the edges of your avatar or a given image with vivid colors.
pixelate Pixelates an image a given amount.
reduce Reduces the colorspace of an image.
spirit Takes an image and puts it in a spirit animal comic.
web Takes your avatar or an image and makes a webbed looking image using thinning.

Website and API Related

Command Description
Command Description
cat Posts a random cat image from random.cat.
rabbit Posts a random image of Tewi Inaba.
scp (not ported yet) Grabs a random SCP page. (Due to limitations on their website, the "random" link may repeat several times before changing.)
weather Get the weather at a given location via Dark Sky. Uses Geocoder to get accurate place names.
xkcd Grabs an xkcd comic. Accepts a comic number and 'latest', otherwise posts a random one.


Command Description
Command Description
8ball Standard 8ball.
badjoke Gives a random terrible Touhou-related joke.
info Information about the bot's servers and setup.
joke Gives a one-liner joke from some pretty great comedians. (Looking to add more to list, feel free to send some.)
kao Gives a random Kaomoji out of a list of over 55,000.
remind / reminder Lets you set a reminder. Accepts times in 1mo1w1d1h1m1s format and will PM you when it's ready.
talk Generates a random sentence using over 30 books.

Currently still in development. Previously was restricted to a single server, but I am looking to make it support more.