XavioEris online

A fun bot with several commands for tons of entertainment

Owner(s): Vex#1037

Prefix: x!

JS Bin

Xavio is the bot fit for fun and awesomeness!


  • x!ping
  • xavio ping
  • @Xavio ping

Some of its features include:

  • Cleverbot
  • Choice Chooser
  • Memes
  • YouTube and Google search
  • 8ball
  • Random Facts
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Math evaluator
  • Tell Jokes
  • Language Translation
  • Strawpoll creator
  • Gifs
  • Text decoration (zalgo, leet, etc..)
  • Google Image Search
And much more! PROTIP: Hover Over the features for more info!

Music Features

  • x!play [songName] | [youtubeLink]   ➤ Plays a song from either the name of it or a youtube video link
  • x!skip   ➤ Skips the current playing track
  • x!pause   ➤ Pauses the current playing track
  • x!resume   ➤ Resumes the current playing track
  • x!queue   ➤ Displays a message with the current queue of songs along with who queued it

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