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A pokedex bot with design similar to Pokemon GO.

Owner(s): PC#0326

Prefix: ?, customizable

BotéMon is a Discord bot designed to serve as a pokédex. It supports Pokémon GO specific features such as displaying evolve cost and egg hatch info.

To get started, invite the bot to your server and type ?help pokedex, or just mention the bot!

Displaying stats on up to 722 different pokémon specified by name or ID?pokedex
Including images from generation 6 Pokémon XY with the ability to scale the images however you like?pokedex scalefactor
Automatically correcting names that are very similar to a known pokémon
Displaying a list of pokémon that hatches from a specified egg?pokedex egg
Returning a list of all pokémon with specified types?pokedex type
Returning information based on type efficiency of a specified type?pokedex effect
Using mention as an alias to ?pokedex and replying from anywhere in a message@Botémon
Has Botémon vanished from your server?
Botémon recently left all servers where no commands were issued between 21st January and 20th February. The reason for this purge is the huge boot time and cache space required to run the bot on a small scaleway VPS. If you wish to add Botémon to your server again, feel free!
NOTE: The following commands are for servers only. PMs will use the default ? command prefix and will be case sensitive.

Changing the command prefix
Custom command prefixes cannot include any spaces. To set a custom one, use the ?botemon prefix command.
e.g: ?botemon prefix !.
Use this command without any arguments to reset the prefix.

Changing command case sensitivity
BotéMon requires command names to be lowercase by default. This can be disabled or enabled by using the ?botemon case command.
e.g: ?botemon case on.

More examples