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Yet another general purpose Discord bot

Owner(s): Jonas747#0001

Prefix: -

The prefix is configurable, you can change it to anything in the control panel.

YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) Is a general purpose discord bot currently in alpha. You configure it through a web interface and its main goal is being as configurable as possible.


Every feature may not be listed here

General Moderation

  • Kick, ban, report commands
  • Mute command with auto unmute after a duration
  • Send a kick/ban/mute log message in a channel
  • Send a kick/ban message to the person being kicked/banned
  • clean chat (optionally specify a user)
  • Snapshots of the chat created on command or added to log message


YAGPDB has a very configurable automoderator, for each rule (spam, links, bad words etc) you can set automoderator to mute, kick or ban after a certain number of violations within a certain timeframe

Current automoderator rules are:

  • Spam/Slowmode
  • Mass mention
  • Invites to other servers
  • Links
  • Banned words (with inbuilt swear list)
  • Banned websites (Planned google safe-browsing integration sometime in the future)

Custom Commands

  • Triggers: starts with, contains, regex
  • Useful for things like automatic responses to common questions

Server stats (Example)

  • Stats: members joined, left, messages last 24h, members online. (more stats and graphs coming later)
  • Optionally make stats public


  • Automatic assignement of role after a being a member for a certain duration
  • Role commands to let people assign roles to themselves without the 'manage roles' permission
  • Super fast reddit feeds (around 1 minute after the post has been made)
  • Join, leave, topic change message (can also send a join message to the person joining in a dm)
  • Calculator command
  • Catfacts...
  • Simple reputation system
  • Various other fun commands
  • Very good reliability and stability