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A bot for searching for games, users and items on Steam

Owner(s): billyoyo#5255

Prefix: steam

SteamBot allows you to easily get information about games, users and items on the market.
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Command Description
steam invite invite SteamBot to your server
steam info show some information about SteamBot
steam stats show some statistics about SteamBot
steam clean remove some of SteamBot's recent messages
steam feedback send some feedback to the developers
steam game find some information on a specific steam game
steam games find a list of a games matching a search criteria
steam top get a list of the top selling games on steam
steam new get a list of the new releases on steam
steam specials get a list of the most popular discounts on steam
steam upcoming get a list of upcoming games on steam
steam user get information on a specific user
steam library get information on a user's game library
steam item get information about an item on the steam marketplace
steam convert convert an amount of money from one currency to another
steam perm edit the permissions required for using a certain command