dunctebotJDA online 642 servers

A chat bot with mod and music commands

Owner(s): ⌛.exe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯#5785, duncte123#1245, ramidzkh#4814

Prefix: / or db! or custom

dunctebot is a bot with a lot of features like mod commands.

If you require any support, please join our support guild

A full list of all the commands can be found here.

Basic usage

If you want more info on a command use /help [command]
@dunctebot#1758 <message> chat with the bot
/help gives you the help in a dm (if the bot can't DM you it will send the message in chat)
/join makes the bot join your voice channel
/play makes the bot play a song
/pplay makes the bot play a playlist
/stop stops the music
/leave makes the bot leave your channel
/settings allows you to alter some settings on the bot like if we should welcome users on join or what the join message should be
/setPrefix allows you to set a custom prefix for the bot
/toggleSwearFilter allows you to toggle the swearword filter on and off
/toggleJoinMessage allows you to toggle the join message on and off
/setJoinMessage allows you to set the join message

How to use the settings

You can use the following vaiables in the custom join message:
{{USER_MENTION}} => mentions the user that joins the guild
{{USER_NAME}} => the username from the user that joins
{{GUILD_NAME}} => the name of the guild
{{GUILD_USER_COUNT}} => member count

If you don't want the bot to respond to commands in a certain channel make sure to add -commands to the channel topic.