UtilibotEris online

Fully featured moderation and audit bot

Owner(s): Brayzure#9877

Prefix: !?

Utilibot, Fully-Featured Moderation Bot

Utilibot is a bot that aims to combine multiple useful moderation features into one bot (because multiple modbots in one server is always a terrible idea).

This bot is in active development, so although most core features are implemented, stability is not guaranteed! You can suggest features and receive support at the support server, located here.

Documentation: here

Feature Status Progress
Feature Status Progress
Kicks, bans, mutes, and tempbans Tempbans In-Dev 85%
Searchable moderator audit log Complete 100%
Verbose log with configurable categories Complete 100%
Role-based permission system Complete 100%
Channel-specific moderators Not Yet Started 2%
Toggleable global filters Complete 100%
Setting up the bot

  • Type !?listroles to retrieve a list of roles and their IDs (currently fails if you have a ton of roles). You will need them if you wish to take advantage of role-based permissions.
  • Type !?add mod/admin roleID to grant the role permission to use mod or admin commands. You can remove a role by running the same command, except via !?remove.
  • Set the channels the bot automatically posts to with !?setannounce (for announcements), !?setmodlog (for the mod log), and !?setfulllog (for the full log).
  • That's all! You can now type !?commands to receive a PM with all of the commands you are permitted to use on the server. If you have any questions regarding setup, please don't hesitate to join the support server, linked above, for assistance.
What does this bot not include?

  • Global ban lists. This bot will never ban someone immediately upon joining, regardless of their actions in other servers. If what they've done is so bad, then the filters will catch them or, failing that, I'll create an opt-in filter for it.
  • "Fun" commands. This is not a general-purpose bot with whatever functionality I can cram into it. It's a moderation bot, and its functionality and commands will always pertain solely to moderation.
  • Music. Making and hosting a music bot is a huge hassle. You are better off finding a script online and hosting it yourself. Seriously.