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A friendly, community-based, meme-based bot.

Owner(s): Godson™#1337

Prefix: $ (But can be configured.)

KekBot, your friendly community-based meme-based bot!

KekBot was designed to be simple, user friendly, and have the ability to dish out some memes, well known or not.

As well as dishing out some dank memes, it also has some practical features such as admin tools like purging messages, easily mass kick/ban users, and more fun based commands like a command that lets you make a strawpoll straight from your discord client!

More and more features are being added every so often, with new things that even allows members the community in our official Discord server to help add to KekBot, we hope it can live up to it's name of a community-based bot.

From our community, to yours.

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