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DueUtil is a fun bot providing custom profiles, custom quests, battles and ranks.

Owner(s): Unknown

Prefix: ! - (can be changed with command) or mention



Quests, battles, wagers, and more!

DueUtil is by no means a useful bot, but it does try to be a fun bot!

DueUtil adds RPG/roleplaying like elements to your server. Server admins can create quests and weapons to use on your server. You can battle other players or quests and gain EXP, stats and cash rewards and share your progress with a public profile at https://dueutil.tech/

For a help with getting started with DueUtil see my guide

Other features

  • Web dashboard
  • Global leaderboard
  • Customizable profile cards
  • Online profiles
  • Awards/achievements
  • Easy command whitelist/blacklist
  • Fun commands