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Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, birthday announcer, and a lot more to offer!

Owner(s): Kodehawa#3457

Prefix: ~>


Now with 100% clean music!

Add me today and have first class music and fun delivered directly to your server!

Hello, I'm Mantaro! I'm here to make your life a little easier. Well, now you're probably wondering "What does this bot do?", if so, let me introduce you to some of my features:

Configuration guide: https://github.com/Mantaro/MantaroBot/wiki

Some Features

  • Make your chat funnier and livelier with ~>greet, ~>pat, ~>poke, ~>slap, ~>kiss, ~>hug and more!
  • Play Music! (~>play, ~>queue, ~>np, ~>forceplay and more!)
  • Play games! (~>game pokemon, ~>game number, ~>trivia and more!)
  • Check osustats! player scores and information about any osu! player using ~>osustats!
  • Create your own Custom Commands with ~>custom!
  • Check the Weather from everywhere with the ~>weather command.
  • Play a simulated Currency system with the Currency commands! (Use ~>profile to start)
  • Configure my options with ~>opts (Use ~>opts ls to get a full list of options! (also check the wiki).
  • Check anime information with ~>anime!
  • Don't forget the birthdays! Use~>birthday and I'll announce when it arrives! (If the server owner configures the birthday announcer) [Configuration guide: https://github.com/Mantaro/MantaroBot/wiki/Configuration].
    Note: for this feature to work you have to create a role called Birthday (or whatever name that doesn't have a space) and give it as the last parameter on ~>opts birthday enable
    For more information on birthdays run ~>opts help birthday enable or check the configuration guide above
  • Search the Urban Dictionary! (~>urban)
  • Comprehensive moderation: ~>mute, ~>ban, ~>kick,~>opts and more!
  • And way, way more fun features to discover!

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