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Mew - A multifunction Discord bot made with 💓

Owner(s): Unknown, Brandon#6038, ImBursting#8667

Prefix: ! . Mew mew customisable and on tag

Mew - A multi-functional Discord bot made with 💓

Mew can do everything, with over 400 commands: from music to Pokemon GO Coordinates, it even has a bump command that lists you server invite on other servers.

Mew is also partnered with Discord World meaning that when you bump a server it will show on both the Mew Server and the Discord World server. Giving you double the exposure!

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Mew is a free-to-use discord bot, but does rely on donations to maintain her server hosting costs. If you enjoy Mew, consider donating here.

Basic Command Reference

Command Description
!help Sends the command list to the user.
!kick Kicks the user from the server.
!ban Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages.
!cleanup Deletes messages.
!mute/!unmute Mutes/Unmutes user in channel/server.
!alias Manage alias' for commands.
!bump Bumps the server.