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More than a simple Musical Bot

Owner(s): Zenrac#0001

Prefix: = (Customizable)

More than a simple Music Bot


Command list

# Musical commands

=join Makes me join your voice channel. =np Displays the current song. =play Plays a song with link or keywords. =queue Displays the current songs in the playlist. =search Searchs multiple results with keywords. =supersearch Searchs more multiple results with keywords. =skip Skips the current music. =deco Makes me leave your voice channel. =pl Manages the autoplaylist =stream Plays a stream. =radio Plays a radio from my radio station list. =download Displays a download link of the current song. =lyrics Displays the lyrics of a song. =replay Enqueues the current song. =previous Enqueues the previous song.

# DJ commands

=forceskip Skips the current song without needing to vote. =repeat Allows to repeat the current playlist. =pause Pauses or resumes a song. =volume Changes the volume. =playnow Plays a song now. =playtop Enqueues a song to the first position of the queue. =clear Clears the playlist. =promote Promotes a song in the playlist to the first position. =shuffle Shuffles the playlist. =remove Removes a song from the playlist. =moveto Moves to a specific moment in the current song.

# Fun commands

=8ball Asks the 8balls. =jtm Gives me your love. =roll Generates a random number. =flip Flip a coin or a user. =anime Gives information about an anime. =manga Gives information about a manga. =char Gives information about a character. =nextep Displays the remaining time until the next episode. =marry Marries you to an user. =divorce Divorces you from whoever you were married to. =customcommand Allows to create custom commands. =ascii Displays a text in ascii. =poll Creates a poll. =meme Generates a meme. =weeb Displays my anime picture command list. =osu Displays information about an osu! profile.

# Useful commands

=avatar Displays a user's avatar. =userinfo Gives informations about someone. =serverinfo Gives informations about the server. =roleinfo Gives informations about a role. =ping Displays my ping. =stats Displays my statistics. =about Get some informations about me. =changelog Displays my last patch notes. =don Displays my donation links. =permsinfo Gives help about my permissions. =help Displays my commands or give a specific help on a command. =invitation Gives my invitation links. =version Displays the current version. =suggestion Sends a suggestion to the dev. =bug Reports a bug to the dev. =feedback Sends a feedback about me.

# Moderation commands

=kick Kicks a user from the server. =ban Bans a user from the server. =hackban Bans a user with his ID. =clean Cleans the command messages on the channel. =purge Deletes the messages on the channel. =stfu Deletes messages from a user.

# Configuration commands

=prefix Changes my prefix. =language Sets my language. =setdj Sets my musical command permissions. =ignore Allows to disable my commands on a channel. =disabledcommand Allows to disable commands. =welcome Sets a welcome message for the new members. =goodbye Sets a good bye message for the leaving members. =autorole Allows to give one or several roles to new members. =autoleave Activity time before disconnecting from voice channel management. =defvolume Default volume manager. =npmsg Auto now playing messages management. =blacklist Manage the guild blacklist. =bind Avoid the use of the commands in every channel except in the one where the command is used. =settings Displays my current guild settings.