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Generate markov chains of users and fetch images from boorus

Owner(s): Pantsu#6785

Prefix: #!

Group Command Description
gimage Search goole images for an image
hug [people...] Hug someone
invite Get the invite for the bot.
kiss [people...] Kiss someone
message_owner Sends a message to the bot owner, use this to suggest new features, notify of errors, etc.
news View lolibot news
rate I'll rate something out of 10
slap [people...] Slap a bitch
stats Usage stats for lolibot
add_prefix Add a prefix to the bot
delete_prefix Delete a prefix from the bot. This can be used to remove the default prefix: '#!'
objgraph [limit=10]
reload_modules Reload bot modules.
send_message Send message to a user
stop_bot stop bot
booru [tags...] Search booru for images [nsfw only].
[danbooru|db] [tags...] Search danbooru for images [nsfw only].
e621 [tags...] Search e621 for images [nsfw only].
e926 [tags...] Search e926 for images [nsfw only].
[gelbooru|gel] [tags...] Search gelbooru for images [nsfw only].
[lolibooru|loli] [tags...] Search lolibooru for images [nsfw only].
[safebooru|safe] [tags...] Search safebooru for images [nsfw only].
[yandere|yan] [tags...] Search yandere for images [nsfw only].
disable_markov Use this command to disable markov chains on this guild.
enable_markov Use this command to enable markov chains to be used on this guild.
markov [users...] Generate a markov chain for a random user, one, or a merge of multiple
markov_all Generate a markov chain for all members in a guild.
markov_stats [user] Get markov stats for a user or guild.
purge_markov Purge stored markov chains for this guild and also disable them (This also happens when the bot is kicked).