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Generate markov chains of users and fetch images from boorus

Owner(s): Panties#6785

Prefix: #!


  • Booru:
    • booru [tags] search cure.ninja for images.
    • booru_no_nsfw Mark channel as Non-Nsfw. [EDIT_CHANNEL perm only] (This is the default)
    • booru_nsfw Allow selected channel to be nsfw. [EDIT_CHANNEL perm only]
    • danbooru [tags] search danbooru for images. [nsfw only]
    • e621 [tags] search e621 for images. [nsfw only]
    • e926 [tags] search e926 for images. [nsfw only]
    • konachan [tags] search konachan for images. [nsfw only]
    • yandere [tags] search yande.re for images. [nsfw only]
  • Markov:
    • markov [@mention] Generate a markov chain for a user if a user is mentioned.
    • markov_all Generate a markov chain for all members on a server.
    • purge_markov Purge stored markov chains for current server. [ADMIN]
    • markov_stats [@mention] Show stats for a user’s markov chain
  • Random:
    • hug [@mention] Express your love for someone.
    • slap [@mention] Slap someone.
    • kiss [@mention] Kiss someone.
    • stats Bot stats.
    • message_owner message Sends a message to the bot owner.
  • No Category:
    • help Show help command.
  • Google Images:
    • gimage [terms] Search google images for stuff, gives a random image from selected results
  • Note that @mention means you should mention a user for that command.
  • Command perameters enclosed in square brackets means you can enter multiple of these, seperated by spaces, ie:
    yandere [tags] means you can enter multiple tags like this: #!yandere tag1 tag2 tagn