Jeanne d'ArcEris online 8181 servers

Fast and easy to use. Cleverbot, Moderation, Music, Listen.Moe and levels

Owner(s): Kurozero#0001

Prefix: j:

Basic features

Undergoing a huge rewrite

  • Levels Earn points by talkin in chat, the more points you get the higher your level will be.
  • Anime/manga/character search Search for your favorite anime, manga or character.
  • MAL list search Search for what you're currently watching or maybe plan to watch.
  • Catgirls Of course post random cute catgrils because everyone loves catgirls. (Has a sfw and nsfw option)
  • Cleverbot Have a nice converstion with Jeanne.
  • Radio Join a voice channel and listen to listen.moe via Jeanne d'Arc
  • League Search for your profile or your favorite character using the new league command.
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