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Vortex is a simple, easy-to-use moderation bot

Owner(s): jagrosh#4824

Prefix: >>

Vortex is an easy-to-use moderation bot. It requires no setup for the commands, and setting up the automoderator is a snap! Keep your servers safe from mention spammers, invite spammers, and more!

Simple Commands
No setup required! Just type >>help to get a DM with all the commands, and begin moderating as neccessary!
Easy Automoderator Configuration
Simply check >>help to see the configuration settings. You can set a maximum number of mentions for the server, an action to take when someone posts an invite link to a different server, and several other features!
Keep People Safe
The automoderator will ignore users with a role called VortexShield, as well as any user with Manage Messages, Kick Members, Ban Members, Manage Server, or Administrator permission. You can use >>ignored to see which users roles are currently ignored by the automoderator.