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Google, 4chan, Weather, Animals, Images,Staff, Bulk Delete, 8ball, Polls, Colors, Ratings, And more

Owner(s): FootsiesPajamies#7898

Prefix: $ - customisable


  • Google and Google Image search
  • Weather Information
  • Server and User information
  • View All Staff Members
  • User ratings
  • Retro Text
  • Urban Dictionary Search
  • 8ball, Coin Flip, Number Roll
  • Take a Poll
  • Shorten/Unshorten Links
  • User Colors & Custom Guild Specific Colors
  • 15+ image manipulation commands. Works with emojis, users, and images.
  • And more!

Coming Soon

  • Tag System
  • Clever Bot
  • NSFW Commands
  • IMDB, Recipes, Imgur, Reddit, and Wikipedia searching
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