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A Live Stream announcing bot for Twitch, Mixer, Picarto, Smashcast, and YouTube Gaming.

Owner(s): Ague Mort#9036

Prefix: -nl


Now Live is a live stream announcing bot for Discord.

NEW! Auto announce when members of your Discord go live on Twitch without having to put each of them into the bot!

NEW! Toggle on/of allowing Twitch VoD replays being announced as live streams!

It currently supports Twitch, Mixer, Picarto, Smashcast, and YouTube Gaming.

It has the ability to edit and delete the stream announcements and also has customizable announcement text.

The bot is available in multiple translations!

It also features the ability to filter announcements based on specific words in the stream title or the game name.

Business Card

Now Live

Now Live Live Stream Announcing Bot
Hi! Looking for a Discord bot that will announce live streams on Twitch, Mixer, Picarto, Smashcast, and YouTube Gaming?

Command List

-nl addAdd managers for bot functions
-nl botlangChange bot language to a supported language
-nl cleanupChange what happens when a streamer goes offline
-nl compactChange the size of the announcement
-nl configSet custom announcement message
-nl discordPosts a link to the Now Live Discord. Come join the community!
-nl helpPosts a list of commands
-nl invitePosts the invite link
-nl listLists things from the database that you've set
-nl mixerAdd/remove Mixer channels, and teams
-nl picartoAdd/remove Picarto channels
-nl pingPong.
-nl removeRemove bot managers
-nl smashcastAdd/remove Smashcast channels and teams
-nl streamlangAdds language filter based on broadcast language
-nl streamsList of all announced streams on your Discord
-nl twitchAdd/remove Twitch channels, games, teams, communities
-nl ytgAdd/remove YouTube Gaming channels


What streaming platforms do you support?
Now Live currently supports Twitch, Mixer, Picarto, Smashcast and YouTube Gaming
Do you allow custom announcement messages?
Absolutely! You are going to want to check out the -nl config command.
What else does Now Live do?
Now Live is a specialty bot focusing on live streaming announcements.
When are YouTube published videos going to be added?
Now Live announces live streams, so published videos don't really fit the theme.
How long do announcements take to post?
Announcements generally take about 3-5 minutes to post from the time the stream went live. However, sometimes it can take a little bit longer depending on when the API updates to show the streamer is live.
What languages does the bot support?
Now Live currently has support for: English (default), Czech, French, German, Greek, Russian, and Spanish. More translations are added when a community member volunteers to translate (that means NO Google Translations).
Why does my bot not announce in my Discord?
Now Live asks for the Admin permissions when inviting him to your server to ensure the easiest integration and ensure that future things added work properly. If you deny him that permission and give him what you think he needs, he might not work as intended.