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Pugbutts is a robot with a large amount of use. like music, fun, moderation, and much more!

Owner(s): Simul#3840

Prefix: !:

Bot's main discord is https://discord.gg/ypCwvNb I need suggestions to add to the bot! Message rovertdude#3439 for any suggestions! The bot is home-hosted, however I will be getting a server or something soon to solve this. Need a command list? The commands are very similar to Ruby Rose however the website is rovertdude,github.io/pugbutts We are looking for partnerships and developers! The bot has a few errors that are being worked on - if you find any, notify rovertdude#3439 or notify us on the Discord server with the invite above. Donate to us so we can get the bot on a VPS! Anything can help me get what I hope for the most for the bot. PayPal.me/rovertdude or Patreon.com/pugbutts