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Security bot that provides the simple and basic functions for a moderator.

Owner(s): Mindes#4487

Prefix: g

The bot will leave in X time if its located in a bot testing server (and you may get banned from it).
Your RPG data gets deleted if you are extremely inactive (or under level 10).


is a special command that protects your server
Fight against raids, mention spam, virus files and some other stuff that may come in mind, this bot can do from warn, to ban people in few seconds!
The bot provides efficiency against alts, spam mentions, flooding, random invites and files.

Use the security commands with caution and make sure it's all good!
Added ban command! (you can globally ban!)


Winter comes with simple but nice tools, the delete command allows to filter between users to a max of 100
Define and search command, (Basicall Urban Dictionary and Google)
Color command. Create your own color code with this tool!!

Winter's Quest

A huge game with many decisions, limited to wear 3 things at once, hold a pocket of potions and credits along with some diamonds. You can pick a class and an element to fight against random enemies or rivals in pvp. The bot is getting updated with an extended battle system from Core-X (predecessor), with more options to play and fight in a balanced game.

Triple Triad

The famous game from FF8, brought into text and emojis, is fully implemented with 3 game modes and works with PLUS and SAME rules.

Features Winter~
Commands Security (Spam mention, Alt accounts, Flooding, Files, Invites)
Welcome and Departure messages.
Quick google & dictionary links
Winter's Quest Commands
Delete and Ban commands
Profile and server status.
Color code
Auto Moderation Optimal
Design Mixed (Embeds and plain text)
RPG Game Balanced
Random enemies +PVP
Daily gift
Ranking rewards
Reaction Commands
Class and Element system
Enhanced Criticals X Charge
Unlimited inventory
RPG Support Bluetail7
Development Bluetail7

Special Seasons

Huge discountsGreat boost in creditsMassive enhancement in chargeSpecial fighting mode

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Ask in the server!

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