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A fun multi-purpose bot with music, game, memes, NSFW, porn, custom commands / prefix and much more!

Owner(s): jbdo99#9077, clément#8181

Prefix: !!


Sheepbot is a bot made for fun,memes and music

Commands :

more info : http://sheepbot.net/doc/
@sheepbot cleverbot
!!help get help
!!info get bot infos
!!wolf ask wolframalpha
!!wiki search wikipedia
!!42 answers to everything
!!say say wat you want
!!sayd say wat you want and delete your msg
!!lenny random lenny faces
!!8-Ball magic 8-ball
!!flipcoin flip a coin
!!rps play rock paper scissors
!random random number
!!dice roll a dice
!!feedback feedback
!!img search google image
!!gif random gif
!!urban search urban dictionary
!!memes get a random meme
!!imgur search imgur
!!delete delete some msg
!!translate translate some text
!!Chuck chuck joke quote
!!catfact get catfact
!!yomoma yomoma quote
!!g search google
!!play play music
!!pause pause de music
!!resume resume it
!!Stop Stop the music
!!Skip Skip current song
!!volume change the volume
!!autoplay Toggles the autoplay function (same as YouTube's one)
!!shuffle shuffle the music queue
!!Playing Gives you all the infos about the song currently playing
!!Playtop queue song a the top of the queue
!!loopqueue Auto loop queue
!!NSFW enable NSFW in this channel (admin only)
!!butts butts picture
!!boobs boobs pictures
!!meme create some meme
!!memes return random memes
!!achievement Create a Minecraft like achievement
!!cowsay cowsay
!!hangman play Hangman game
!!shit hew, i stepped in shit
!!Brazzer add brazzer logo to someone avatar
!!rip rip @someone
!!truth The scroll of truth
!!dick found your problem
!!respect press F

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