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A fun multi-purpose bot with music,meme, NSFW, and much more

Owner(s): ☭ jβδω99 ☭#9077, clément#8181

Prefix: !!


Sheepbot is a bot made for fun and music

Commands :

@sheepbot cleverbot
!!help get help
!!info get bot infos
!!wolf ask wolframalpha
!!wiki search wikipedia
!!42 answers to everything
!!say say wat you want
!!sayd say wat you want and delete your msg
!!8-Ball magic 8-ball
!!flipcoin flip a coin
!!rps play rock paper scissors
!random random number
!!dice roll a dice
!!feedback feedback
!!img search google image
!!gif random gif
!!trad translate text
!!delete delete some msg
!!Chuck chuck joke quote
!!catfact get catfact
!!yomoma yomoma quote
!!g search google
!!play play music
!!pause pause de music
!!resume resume it
!!NSFW enable NSFW in this channel (admin only)
!!butts butts picture
!!boobs boobs pictures
!!meme create some meme
!!achievement Create a Minecraft like achievement
!!cowsay cowsay

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