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A simple but powerful moderation bot with other miscellaneous utilities being actively developed

Owner(s): Hexadecimalâ„¢#0910, Pandentia#0555

Prefix: ??


Aria requires admin privileges. If she randomly leaves your server, it's because you didn't give her admin.

With that out of the way...


Global bans

These global bans are intended to filter out the worst of the worst. If your server has global bans on (??gbans on), Aria will softban (kick + clear messages) them every time someone on the global ban list attempts to join. She will also softban the members that are on the global ban list from your server and prevent them from rejoining.

Welcome messages

Aria can send a welcome message to new people. The welcome message is an embed, meaning you can make your text clickable to have it go to certain websites.

Pollr-like mod log

You can use Aria to set up a Pollr-like moderation log. Use ??setml to enable the mod log and target it at a channel. You can also use ??disableml to disable the mod log again.

Temporary voice channels

Aria can create a lobby for temporary voice channels that, if joined, will create a temporary voice channel just for you. You have full access to the permissions tab, and can choose who can join your channel. As soon as everyone leaves, the channel gets deleted.

Temporary bans

You can use Aria to ban people for 2 minutes to an entire month, instead of banning them forever.

Regex message filtering

You can add regexes (regular expressions) to filter out bad messages, for example, you could use discord(?:app)?\.(?:gg|com\/invite)\/([0-9A-Za-z]+) to dynamically filter out messages containing invites.


By utilizing the ??hackban command, you can ban people from your server before they even step foot in it.

Voice kicks

You can disconnect people from voice if they're annoying you, using ??voicekick now.

Optional message logging

You can generate chat logs (including deleted messages) by using the ??logs generate command. Use ??help logs generate for more info on the generation command and ??logs for more control of the message logger.

TODO / Planned

  • Zalgo message detection and removal


  • Q: Why did Aria leave my server?
    A: Either you a) didn't give her admin permissions in time or b) your server's bot-to-user threshold is too high. This will cause Aria to leave your server, as we don't want to have our resources wasted by bot collection servers. There's also the unlikely c) if your server has less than 5 people in it, we really don't think Aria will be of much use to you.