Moppydiscord.js offline

MopBot is an animated fun loving bot with Memes, server management, and loads of fun commands

Owner(s): Unknown

Prefix: !! (customizable)


Some of my Great commands!
- Cats
- Cleverbot
- Global quotes
- Urban Dictionary search
- Info commands
- Cows
- Tons of customization
- Event Based Modlog
- semi-advanced custom commands. Loaded with different variables to use and other fun logic
- Great Moderation Commands
- Advanced Support system where you can open a direct session with me
Stuff Planned:
- The Meme Market:
The Market would be a place to post trade and share your spicy memes,
There will even be an api where other bots can grab the global memes.
- Select Each specific event you want in the modlog.
- Colorme - Fun games like Cards against humanity. - Lots and Lots more commands, Plus more to come in the future.

Add MopBot And Get Rollin! Official Support Server! GitHub Docs (WIP)