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Pure NSFW bot open for more suggestions ;)

Owner(s): Neko#1281

Prefix: * or Customizable

Using KinkBot

KinkBot isn't a bot I want to jam pack with commands, so I've put only NSFW, KB-restricting (admin) and miscellaneous (yet important to some) commands. You can see these by typing:
*help nsfw
*help admin
*help misc
You can also type *help [command name without prefix] to see the usage and other information about the command.

Help & Suggestions

Getting help is simple. Just join the support server and post a message. If no Mod is online to try help, feel free to message me! >.~


KinkBot is an NSFW bot that I created when a friend of mine bet I couldn't make a Discord bot. So I did - that bot is KinkBot. I do as much as I can to ensure that if there is an error it will tell the user how to fix it and to have her be something that admins won't mind by adding KB related admin commands.

Psst. Big update soon ;) Shh.