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A schedule / calendar bot. Create events with reminders and notifications. Sync to Google Calendars.

Owner(s): notem#1654

Prefix: !

Saber Bot

An open-sourced, single-purpose calendar / event schedule utility bot
  • Create and display events within discord.
  • Announce reminders and starting events.
  • Sync to a Google Calendar.
  • Users may RSVP for events.

Commands for use in #saber_control

help get help messages
init create a schedule
create add an event to a schedule
edit modify and event
delete remove events and schedules
config manage schedule settings
zones display available timezones
sync sync a schedule to a Google Calendar
list show a list of users who have rsvp'ed for an event
test make a test event notification


  1. Invite Saber-Bot and create a channel named #saber_control
  2. Use !init in #saber_control to create a schedule.
    • If a channel named #new_schedule is not created, give Saber-Bot Manage Channel permissions.
  3. Use !config #new_schedule to view schedule settings
    • Use !zones [region/country] to view available timezone codes
    • Use !config #new_schedule zone [timezone] to configure the schedule's timezone
  4. Use !create #new_schedule "Hi mom!" 5:45pm to create a new event
    • If no message appears in #new_schedule, check to insure Saber-Bot has read, write, and manage message perms
  5. Delete the test schedule and event with !delete [schedule|eventID] or simply remove the message/channel in discord
  6. Make use of !help, read the docs, or ask in the support server to become learn more about the commands.