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A schedule & calendar bot. Create events with reminders and notifications. Sync to Google Calendars.

Owner(s): notem#1654

Prefix: !

Saber Bot

An open-sourced, single-purpose calendar / event schedule utility bot
  • Display events on dedicated schedule channels.
  • Send announcements when event begins / ends.
  • Send reminders before an event begins.
  • Configure timezone per schedule.
  • Sync schedules to Google Calendars
  • Users can RSVP to events
  • Custom command prefix

Commands for use in #saber_control

init Create a new schedule
create Add a new event to a preexisting schedule
edit Modify a preexisting event
delete Delete an event or schedule
guild Display and modify guild-wide settings
config Display and modify schedule settings
zones Show all timezones that the bot understands
help Direct message the user a list of commands with additional information
sync Sync a schedule to load events from a Google Calendar calendar
oauth Authorize Saber access to your Google Calendar calendars
test Test an event's notification message
sort Chronologically reorder the events on the schedule
list View list of users who have rsvp'ed for an event
skip Cancel the next occurrence of an event
schedules List guild schedules
events List guild events


  1. Invite Saber-Bot and create a channel named **#saber_control**
  2. Use ``!init in #saber_control`` to create a schedule.
  3. If a channel named **#new_schedule** is not created, give Saber-Bot Manage Channel permissions.
  4. Use ``!config #new_schedule`` to view schedule settings
  5. Use ``!guild prefix $`` to change the command prefix to ``$``.
  6. Use ``$zones "US"`` to view available timezone codes for the United States.
    • Experiment with this command to find a timezone which best represents your locale.
  7. Use ``$config #new_schedule zone [timezone]``, where ``[timezone]`` is the timezone you found in step 5.
    • It is best to always configure your schedule's timezone before adding events.
  8. Use ``$create #new_schedule "Hi mom!" 5:45pm`` to create a new event
    • If no message appears in #new_schedule, check to insure Saber-Bot has read, write, and manage message perms.
  9. To delete the test schedule and event use ``$delete #new_schedule`` to remove the schedule.
    • Alternatively, the schedule channel can be manually deleted for the same affect. The same goes for the event messages.