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Internet radio, YouTube/etc music, Mee6-compatible chat levels, and more.

Owner(s): amy#0001

Prefix: amy!command


Check out a stutter-free music streaming experience in your server today!

I'm amybot! I'm here to add some fun things to your guild and to bring some hands-free music to your ears.

Some Features

  • Global emotes through amy!e emote, like amy!e thonk!
  • Internet radio! Just do amy!join when in a voice channel and let the music begin! Or use amy!queue and amy!play to play some YouTube tunes!
  • Gamble your life away with amy!slots and amy!gamble!
  • The single most complete D&D 5e reference with amy!dnd!
  • Colourful chat levels! Enable levels in the dashboard to get things like rank dialogs and levelup messages
  • Replace Mee6 chat levels with amy!levels import mee6! Or replace Tatsumaki levels with amy!levels import tatsumaki!
  • Configure settings with a simple web dashboard!
  • Have fun with emotes! bap, chew, cookie, hug, poke, and more!
  • Get one of hundreds of reaction images with amy!rubeface!
  • See the greatest emote ever with amy!fatsquare!
  • Get some knowledge with amy!knowledge!
  • Laugh at your enemies with amy!insult

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