Tsukasa Hiiragidiscord.js online 495 servers

A new, multi-purpose Discord Bot made in Discord.js

Owner(s): Thomas#3902, BulletMemes#0076

Prefix: ;- (per-server customizable). @Tsukasa Hiiragi#9168 to get the current server's prefix.

A reliable, multi-purpose Discord Bot designed to fit your needs as a Server Owner!


24/7 Uptime
Fast and reliable
Customizable Join/Leave Messages
Multiple Image Manipulation Commands
Music with Queue system Free, forever!
Moderation - kick, ban, prune with mod-log
Custom per-server command prefixes
Search YouTube for videos, songs, etc.
Search the Urban Dictionary.
Roll a dice.
Flip a coin.
Play rock-paper-scissors with the bot. (Not rigged, I swear it).
Ask the 8ball a question. (I'd trust it with my life)
Filters out discord server invites. (Advanced Filter.)
Lookup users+repos from GitHub
More features coming soon! (We promise! Working really, really hard.)


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