Rock Puppydiscord.py online 399 servers

A friendly Doggo and Gaia Online Bot

Owner(s): Ryan#5872

Prefix: / or @Rock Puppy#3209

A loyal Doggo at your service

I'm a very passionate doggo that loves to serve. I will sing to you, I will play with you and I will support you. I come from a place known as Gaia Online and try to support the communities which inhabit it.

What I can do

  • Gaia Online related commands
  • Steam related commands
  • Google searching
  • Music
  • Mod tools such as voice kicking, raid mode, muting, temp banning and more...
  • Server configuration of specific commands and bot bans
  • Tags
  • 8Ball
  • Dice rolls
  • Discord user/server info
  • Polls
  • Reminders
  • Custom prefixes and deletion of default / prefix
  • + More...
And remember, help is your friend...

Before you add me...

You must be the owner of the server or have Manage Server permissions in order to add Rock Puppy. The default permissions can be changed to what ever you desire, they are like that for everything to be enabled. Alterntively, if you're on a server that Rock Puppy is in, you can run the inviteme command. When you've invited it to your server, you should get a greeting message on how to properly set up Rock Puppy.


There is a heavy reliance on Embeds, so make sure Embed Links is enabled. Commands and errors are logged. The server name/ID, along with the usage and the invoker's name/ID are recorded. This is to improve the experience of Rock Puppy and to easily deal with any misuses of it. Chat will not be logged. There is a support server should you need another outlet for help/support, just run the help command to get the link or Here