Xenoversediscord.js offline

Modular and Custom Bot that is still in development to add a uniqueness to your Discord.

Owner(s): Unknown

Prefix: x-

Designed to be simple, fast, and unique for your Discord.
- Xenoverse is still under heavy development and we plan to add many new features as requests come in.

You can find a list of available commands via x-help
Our help contains more detailed lists of commands and features.

Currently Available
~ Fully up to date Help Index
~ Custom Forums and Support Server [ https://xeontechnologies.tk/ and https://discord.io/xeno-tech ]
~ General Information Commands for Server and Bot
~ Always Available Live-Streaming for pre-defined or custom urls
~ Fun Commands to add a little spice to your Discord Server

Planned Features
~ Music Streaming - Play youtube playlists or search for tracks
~ Levels - Talk in chats for XP and earn rewards based on how much you talk
~ More Utilities - Searching (Google, YouTube, etc.), PokeDex, Changing the Prefix, and more!

You can join our support server today for suggestions on how to improve Xenoverse and report issues.

Want to help spread Xenoverse quickly? Drop the server listing invite or our splash page https://invite.xeontechnologies.tk/