Charurudiscord.js online 637 servers

Multi-purpose moderation, info and fun bot.

Owner(s): 『 ᴺᵉᵏᵒ 』#6576

Prefix: $, @mention

By adding Charuru to your server and using it, affirms that you have read the Terms of Service, understands it, and agrees.

Charuru is a multi-purpose bot, which has supporting moderation, fun and info commands.

For moderation you'll have to set up at least two things. Please refer to help and serverconfig for this.
  • Anti-Spam and Anti Invite Advertisement (Invite Detective) for your guild.
  • Watches bans, unbans, kicks and special roles (uses Audit Logs, too).
  • Maintains moderation logs by logging bans, softbans, kicks, unbans and special roles.
  • Prune channel, cleanup bot messages, lockdown channel, mute & warn members.
  • DMs users when using ban, softban, kick and warn commands on them.
  • Welcomes and says goodbye to new and leaving members.
  • Features social features like pat & hug, levels system (profiles) and currency system, inclusive bank.
  • Let her automatically add roles to new members (warning: adding roles to new members bypasses the verification level!).
  • Tags system, draws randomized galaxy, shows weather for locations, facts & sneks & hifumi gifs, dictionary lookup & google.
  • Anime & Manga lookup, blackjack game, set reminders, inspect users & invites, set custom permissions (on top of the existing ones) for certain commands, get catgirl pictures.