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Abide is a WIP multipurpose bot.

Owner(s): fluffy#4004

Prefix: a,


Abide is a multipurpose discord bot with the main goal being ease of use.

Abide's prefixes are a, a. + @Abide#9601


  • Easy to use moderation commands.
  • Simple to understand command errors.
  • Stream audio from Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitch and more!


Name Description
about View information about Abide and its creator.
answer Answers a yes or no question.
avatar Returns either your avatar or the mentioned user's avatar.
ban Bans someone from the guild.
block Blocks someone from the channel.
cat Gets a random image of a cat.
choose Picks one choice from a list of choices.
connect Connects to a voice channel.
dig Resolves IP values of a domain.
dog Gets a random image of a dog.
feedback Send feedback to the official Abide support guild.
help Shows the help message.
kick Kicks a user from the guild.
lneko NSFW: Shows a random picture of a NSFW neko.
mute Disables a users send messages permissions.
neko Shows a random picture of a neko.
ping Ping.
play Requests a song and add it to the queue.
playing Displays the song that is currently playing.
pypi Gets information on a package from pypi.
queue Retrieves the queue of upcoming songs.
resume Resumes the current playing song.
skip Skips the current playing song.
softban Bans someone then immediately unbans them.
stats View Abide's current statistics.
stop Stops the current song and destroy the player.
support Sends an invite to the official Abide support server
unblock Unblocks someone from the channel.
unmute Enables a users send message permissions.
uptime Shows how long Abide has been running for.
volume Changes the volume of the music.