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May my data stores be of use to you. A Warframe centered bot.

Owner(s): reimu#3856

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A simple to use bot focused on providing various realtime information for Warframe by sending and updating messages in your server.

The settings are customizable through the website (login using Discord).

How messages look in Discord (dark theme).
A small note: messages are edited unless there needs to be a mention. This means that they can be lost in history after moderate chat activity. To prevent this from happening, I suggest dedicating a channel for the bot to use exclusively.


Notications for alerts and invasions are always enabled and are customized based on the roles in your server. By creating a role with the format arch-keyword , any alert or invasion with keyword will trigger a mention. For example, a role called arch-forma will be pinged if an alert or invasion with the word forma in it pops up.

This should work for any keyword or phrase you choose. Hypothetically, you could make a role called arch-Galatea [Neptune] to get notifications for any alert or invasion that occurrs on that node.

This bot does not currently have any role assigning commands so roles should be assigned manually or by another bot. Also, roles are not case sensitive except for the arch- part.
Have any more questions or want to see the bot? Feel free to join my server! Demo/Support/Announcements Server


,baro see what the man himself is selling (if he's here)
,rewards [term] find missions and mobs that drop a certain reward
,mob [term] find what a certain mission or mob can drop

Special Thanks:

Kthal#3079 for the icon