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May my data stores be of use to you. A Warframe centered bot.

Owner(s): reimu#3856

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I've decided to stop hosting the bot because of my server's memory limits. You're free to host your own instance if you need to. Feel free to drop into my server if you need help setting it up.


Originally a bot whose capability was to post alerts and invasions in realtime, Archimedes can now tell you many things about the current status of Warframe for all platforms. See below for the alert notification setup guide and a full list of commands.

If you are interested in testing the bot out or have any questions/suggestions before adding it to your own server, you can join my server I set up through the invite link below. This includes things like adding roles the bot can create, the format of the messages, or even just to use the bot without inviting it to your server because I have it set up on mine.

Demo/Support/Announcements Server Source

Note that this bot will leave servers with >80% bots. This is to save memory because I can't afford a good server. Also if you plan on inviting it to a server with just you, consider joining the support server. Again, this is due to cheap server issues.
How messages look in Discord (dark theme).


Setup is simple. Just create channels in your server that you want messages for. The channels just have to be named the following way
For example, if you wanted pc alerts, you would create the channel pc_wf_alerts. If you wanted xb1 alerts, you create the channel xb1_wf_alerts. You may have multiple channels with different names. If there are multiple channels with the same name, the bot will only post to one of them. The bot will automatically detect if the channel exists.
You may also setup roles for the bot to mention. There is a set of predefined rewards that the bot will handle. You can create these roles with the notifysetup command. For example, if you want to add roles for pc, you just have to do ,notifysetup pc command. If you want roles for multiple platforms, pass multiple arguments like this: ,notifysetup pc xb1. This may take a while because I throttled the command to only make a role every few seconds to avoid spamming the Discord API.


[argument] = required argument
{argument} = optional argument
Platform is of the types ps4, xb1, or pc. In most cases, if no platform is provided, pc is assumed.
Role is the name of the role.
Command Description Arguments Examples
notifysetup Adds roles that the bot will mention when related alerts appear. {platform} {platform, platform...} notifysetup pc, notifysetup xb1 ps4
notify View, join, or leave roles that are related to this bot's functions. {[j/l] [role]} {role, role...} notify j kavat, notify l kubrow nitain reactor
baro Gives some information about baro kiteer's status. {platform} baro, baro pc, baro xb1
sorties Gives some information about today's sorties. {platform} sorties, sorties ps4, sorties xb1
darvo Get Darvo's daily sale. {platform} darvo, darvo pc, darvo ps4
fissures Get a list of the currently active fissures. {platform} fissures, fissures pc, fissures ps4
ws Highly versatile worldstate query command. Explains itself when used. {platform} ws, ws pc, ws ps4
search Search datamined files courtesy of VoiD_Glitch. {[file] [term]} search, search mis riven, search drop outcast
There's more but this thing has a 8k character count limit.

Special Thanks:

Kthal#3079 for the icon