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Made for your gaming community! Events, web dashboard, moderation, clan mgmt, stats, profile cards

Owner(s): pedall#1337, Zishan#7895

Prefix: @G4M3R or g!

Right now, G4M3R is being coded as a completely new bot

The current bot is still running and can thus be used
(some commands / features are deactivated)
The vision of the new bot is:
  1. beautiful web admin dashboard coded with react
  2. setup the bot individually for your servers' liking as well as your user settings.

  3. event system (incl. notifications)
  4. custom events that you can RSVP to incl. notification system

  5. beautiful profile cards with custom backgrounds
  6. Create your very own profile card, showing your game and social accounts, games you play or the community / clan you are a part of.

  7. moderation tools
  8. ban/kick/warn users including an nice moderation log in the channel of your choice. Auto-moderation if the user got the max amount of warnings or was inactive for XX days.

  9. group (clans & communities) Create your own clan / community within G4M3R and let others join your clan. Promote members to leaders, co-leaders or members. Auto role assignment based on the level you have in a group. Advertise your group via beautiful designed group advertisement cards as well as on the beautiful designed web page.

The new bot is developed in:
NodeJS, Discord.js, Komada Framework, Rethinkdb, Express API & React (for the website

If you are interested in joining the G4M3R crew for contributing as support or developer, please join my discord server and PM me.