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Birb is a bot that is designed to do everything from aesthetic, NSFW to speaking 7 languages!

Owner(s): Epoxylibrium#6554, Oxylibrium#7680, jakeoid#6284

Prefix: Guild Specific | User `b!` or Moderator `b@`

Welcome to Birb.

What can Birb do?

Birb can do alot of stuff (and we mean alot), we've aimed to create a bot that can doing anything from the way of making aesthetic text that will satisfy your vaporwave needs, all the way down to custom prefixes to sort all clashes between two bots. If you're looking for a full list of commands however, that can be found.. well, here. Anyway, heres a short list.
  • Uptime of 99.99%!
  • Message Pruning!
  • Moderator Commands!
  • Loads of Fun Commands (no like a butt-ton)!
  • Steam and OSU! intergration!
  • NEW! Speaks 7 different languages!

How do I invite Birb?

Birb can be just as easily invited to any server by clicking on this link or by heading to https://invite.birb.pw/

Uh. Is Birb broken?

We have a support server for that! You can find it here.