Polluxdiscord.js online 552 servers

A playful robot girl to add some fun to your community server and provide minimal moderation options

Owner(s): Flicky#9065

Prefix: + (customizable)

Basic Moderation, Advanced Fun

Pollux is designed to bolster interaction between users in their servers by providing commands that entertains everyone around, and call them to try them out and explore her utilities, while she also provides a basic but solid moderation toolset.

Key Features:
  • Level System with ranks and profiles
  • Multiple Languages
  • Imageboards Search
  • Medals / Badges
  • Moderation Logs that can be split into different channels
  • Useless commands like a VoiceChannel morse-code streamer, Pseudo-chinese text, etc.
  • Currency System (Rubies!) with Global ranks, lotto, and an under-development inflation system.
  • Constant development, features are fixed and added every week!
  • Music! Yay! (Available for testing on beta)
  • Dashboard on Website
  • Per channel Language Setting
  • Background Shop
  • Achievements (with Medal awarding!)

Colloquial Non-Boring responses in any Language

Pollux brings with her a personality of her own, and responds accordingly. Pollux currently speaks 4 languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • European Portuguese
  • German

Pollux's translators try to incorporate the most cultural aspects they can on the figures of speech, making her much closer from everyone and feel more lifelike within her limitations.

Pollux likes things PRETTY

Everything that can be presented beautifully and graphically, Pollux surely will opt by doing it. Having a Visual Designer as one of the Developers helps this out a lot. Just look at her profile cards. Aren't they cute?

Why Pollux

Pollux was originally designed as a exclusive bot for the SKYNET Maid Cafe server, but I felt kind of adventurous in making a public bot, and I was kind of disappointed with so much bots being just alts of known Anime characters, Pollux is intended to be a bot with much more original personality, and in a near future she will have an original design and feature original artwork as well.