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Owner(s): OllysCoding#4627

Prefix: !lb



Leveledbot is a clutter free multi-purpose bot with the aim of providing flexibility and fun to servers of any size.


LeveledBot offers powerful music system, with instant load times, a clean UI, vote to skip, and allows for videos up to 8 minutes in length!

Moderators have full control over the music system, with the ability to force skip any song, clear the queue, or fully disonnect the bot if required.

Music Commands:

  • !lb queue youtubelink
  • !lb skip
  • !lb mod forceskip
  • !lb mod clearqueue
  • !lb mod disconnect

Activity Tracking

LeveledBot has clean and intuitive activity tracking functionality, allowing users to see a leaderboard, but also their own stats including average word length, average message length, most used channel and total messages sent.

Moderators get access to advanced activity tracking, the number of mutes, edited messages and deleted messages, alongside when the user joined the server, and when their account was created.

Activity Commands:

  • !lb leaderboard
  • !lb stats
  • !lb mod userinfo @user
  • !lb mod resetstats @user
  • !lb admin resetoffences @user

Moderation & Antispam

LeveledBot offers a range of moderation tools to keep your server at peace. Words or phrases can be blocked, users can be blocked from sending messages for any length of time, on top of all the features mentioned in the previous categories.

Moderation Commands:

  • !lb mod mute @user
  • !lb mod unmute @user
  • !lb mod bockword word/phrase
  • !lb mod blocked
  • !lb mod unblockword word/phrase