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Moderation, Site Searching, Avatar Editing, Games, and more!

Owner(s): dragonfire535#8081

Prefix: x; or @XiaoBot

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  1. Avatar image Editing, including Bob Ross, RIP, Wanted, Triggered, Steam Card, and more!
  2. Profile Trading Cards, with random rarity!
  3. Battle! Challenge your friends or the AI in real turn-based matches!
  4. Fun Games including Hangman, Fishing, Lottery, Math, Quiz, Rock Paper Scissors, Slots, Gunfight, and Typing!
  5. Server, User, and Role Information!
  6. Minecraft Achievement Generation!
  7. Meme Generation!
  8. Color Searching!
  9. Pokémon Fusion!
  10. Moderation Commands including Ban/Hackban/Kick/Softban/Unban/Warn, Lockdown, and Prune, with Logging!
  11. Currency and Temperature Conversion!
  12. Math Calculator!
  13. Tons of Secret Easter Eggs to discover!
  14. Horoscopes!
  15. LMGTFY Link Generation!
  16. Soundboard!
  17. Strawpoll Generation!
  18. Events that Happened today or on a specific day in history!
  19. Would you rather questions!
  20. Random Cats, Dogs, and Xiao Pai Images!
  21. 8 Ball, Choose, Coin Flip, Magic Conch, Roll, and Member Roulette!
  22. Waifu and Ship Rating!
  23. Random Compliments, Jokes, Chuck Norris Jokes, Quotes, Fact Core Quotes, Fortunes, Names, and Roasts!
  24. Roleplay Commands!
  25. Search Various sites including:
    1. My Anime List
    2. Discord Bots
    3. Bulbapedia
    4. Dictionary (Wordnik)
    5. Yahoo Weather (Current and Forecast)
    6. Giphy
    7. GitHub
    8. Google Maps
    9. Movies and TV Shows (TMDB)
    10. Neopets
    11. NPM
    12. osu!
    13. Pokédex
    14. Recipes
    15. Reddit
    16. SoundCloud
    17. Steam
    18. Urban Dictionary
    19. VocaDB
    20. Wattpad
    21. Wikia (Any Wiki)
    22. Wikipedia
    23. YouTube
    24. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  26. Random, Daily, and Specific XKCD Comics!
  27. Translate Text to almost 100 languages!
  28. Binary, Morse, Pirate, Yoda, and Temmie Translators!
  29. Cowsay, Embed, Reverse, Upside Down, Shuffle, Emojify, and Zalgo Text!
  30. Organization 13 Names!
  31. Member Join/Leave Logging (with Customization)!
  32. Invite Protection!
  33. And so so so much more!


  1. Moderation commands require a channel with <modlog> in the topic to send Ban/Kick/Softban/Unban/Warn logs.
  2. To use member join/leave logging, place <memberlog> in the channel topic. Custom messages can be set with <joinmessage>messagegoeshere</joinmessage> and <leavemessage>messagegoeshere</leavemessage>
  3. To use invite guard, place <inviteguard> in the default channel topic.
  4. Use x;help to view a command list
  5. Visit my home server for more support, or for updates, or if you just want to hang out.