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Owner(s): dragonfire535#8081

Prefix: x; or @XiaoBot

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eval, donate, help, info, invite, ping, uptime, upvote

Server Information

channel-info, emoji-info, emoji-list, role-info, server-info, user-info


ban, clear-channel, hackban, kick, lockdown, prune, softban, unban

Random Response

8-ball, cat-fact, cat, charlie-charlie-challenge, choose, chuck-norris, coin, compliment, dog-fact, dog, fact-core, fidget, fortune, guess-my-looks, history, joke, kiss-marry-kill, magic-conch, name, number-fact, offspring, quantum-coin, quote, rate-waifu, roast, roll, roulette, security-key, ship, shower-thought, would-you-rather, xiao

Single Response

can-you-not, dark-theme-light-theme, eat-pant, give-flower, isnt-joke, its-joke, lenny, nitro, slow-clap, spam

Image Manipulation

achievement, be-like-bill, color, meme, pokemon-fusion, robohash

Avatar Manipulation

3000-years, approved, avatar-fusion, beautiful, bob-ross, card, challenger, christmas-hat, dexter, food-broke, greyscale, he-lives-in-you, i-have-the-power, invert, look-at-this-photograph, pixelize, rainbow, rejected, rip, sepia, silhouette, steam-card, steam-now-playing, thug-life, triggered, wanted, yu-gi-oh-token

Text Manipulation

alphabet-reverse, anagram, b, binary, braille, clap, cow-say, cursive, dec-talk, embed, emojify, mocking, morse, organization-xiii-name, pirate, portal-send, repeat, reverse, say, ship-name, shuffle, snake-speak, superscript, temmie, translate, upside-down, yoda, zalgo

Number Manipulation

currency, temperature


anime, bot-info, bulbapedia, danbooru, derpibooru, dictionary, gelbooru, giphy, github, imgur, itunes, jisho, kickstarter, konachan, manga, map, mdn, movie, nasa, neopet, new-york-times, npm, osu, pokedex, recipe, reddit, rotten-tomatoes, safebooru, steam, stocks, thesaurus, tumblr, tv-show, urban, vocaloid, wattpad, weather, wikia, wikipedia, youtube, yu-gi-oh


akinator, battle, emoji-emoji-revolution, fishy, gunfight, hangman, hunger-games, lottery, math-game, quiz, rock-paper-scissors, slots, tic-tac-toe, typing-game, whos-that-pokemon


astronomy-picture-of-the-day, avatar, coolness, days-until, discriminator, emoji-image, gender-guess, google-autofill, horoscope, lmgtfy, shorten-url, soundboard, spoopy-link, strawpoll, tableflip, word-of-the-day, xkcd


break-up, cuddle, eat, evolve, falcon-punch, fist-bump, high-five, hit-with-shovel, hug, inhale, kill, kiss, marry, pat, poke, punch, slap, tackle