Phoenixdiscord.js online 1041 servers

A discord bot that allows you to Moderate, have fun, and listen to music

Owner(s): Luke#6723

Prefix: !ph

Phoenix is a bot that I made to allow people to have some fun in their servers, The bot consists of a load of commands which are listed below!

Current Available commands:
help - Gives a list of all commands available.
ping - Test the bots response time.
userinfo - Get information about a specific user
bean - Bean a Person, Any Person.
inviteme - Gives Invite link for you to add the bot to your server.
info - Gives info about the bot.
status - Gives the status of the bot.
play - play a song
skip - skip a song
stop - stop playing
More commands coming soon.
addcom - Allows the creation of Custom commands specifically for your server!
delcom - Delete a custom command from your server!
ban - Bans a provided user.
kick - Kicks a provided user.
eval - Evaluates code [Author Only]
permissions - Lists the permissions you need to use certain commands.

The bot is still in devlopment, so do not expect everything to be in Tip Top shape as the bot is merely a production of my hoppy, if you would like me to add anything please suggest it at the official support discord. [ https://discord.gg/MmTTJQD ]