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A bot with some useful tools, full moderation support, and some fun commands.

Owner(s): メタルルーラー#7777

Prefix: "-" or "m?"

Note: When inviting the bot, you don't NEED to add all the permissions, but keep in mind moderation, and some other things won't work without them

The bot was made mostly for server moderation, and some specific tasks, such as R9K, banned words and anti-impersonator.

Has full moderation support, with auto-punishment warnings, kick, bans, softbans, mutes.
Rather configurable, although configuration isn't very user-friendly at the moment.

Currently still improving the bot very often, based on user feedback, and things I feel like adding.

Current feature list:
Mutes // Warns // Kicks (All with logs)
Play music, add music to queue
Ban words from your server's chat
Generate steam accounts on-demand
Get urban dictionary definitions
Custom permission system (based on server permission of users)
Public JS evaluate command for developers.
A few "fun" commands, inverting user's profile pictures, printing ASCII text.
Automatic permission detection system, optional to add roles or users manually as bot mods or bot admins.