Blitzcrank BotJDA dnd 6702 servers

Summoner search bot for League of Legends.

Owner(s): Frosty ☃#0141

Prefix: b!

Currently in its second iteration, Blitzcrank Bot is a useful bot for returning statistics about League of Legends users in an ok-ish looking embed.

Presently, this includes ranks (tier, div, lp, win/loss for each queue type), individual champion mastery, and current game info, used as such:

bl!search"Summoner" "Region"

Example: b!search Riviere OCE

bl!mastery "Summoner" "Champion" "Region"

Example: b!mastery Riviere Yasuo OCE

b!game "Summoner" "Region"

Example: b!game Riviere OCE

Additionally, bl!region list for a list of valid regions.

Alternatively, you can set a default region for the server which will be used if you don't specify a region (i.e: just b!search Riviere)

While limited now, there are planned implementations for current game and recent game information as well as whatever hell else the Riot API gives me access to.

There's also the generic info, ping and uptime commands but who gives a toss about those.

Full list of commands are listed on the website! https://superfrosty.github.io/BlitzcrankBotV2/