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Provides some useful RP utilities, including an economy and inventory system.

Owner(s): Henry#6174

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Provides a few administrator level utilities, including channel management and an inventory system. The channel management allows user created temporary channels. The inventory works along with an economy system, which has more features to come. With the economy comes working inventories that can be guided by the server moderators, as well as lotteries that can be set by the owners. Channel management allows users given certain permissions to create channels that will disappear after an hour, and can control which users may join them. Server moderators can also create 'Loot Boxes' which can be bought and will give a random (weighted) item set when created. There are a few fun miscellaneous commands. There are also several NSFW commands that can only be used in channels with `nsfw` in the name. Nothing special, any more than most bots for nsfw.