Maya WinterfoxDiscord4J online 8836 servers

Level & Profile System, Tamagochi System, Permissions, Music, Fun, Pictures And More

Owner(s): WinteryFox#6969

Prefix: .maya and customizable

Maya is a multipurpose bot with a lot of functionality written in Java using Discord4J


  • Unique level system with customizable profile
  • Tamagochi, raise your own wolf by feeding him and dressing him
  • Fetch images from; random.cat, konachan, yande.re, rule34.xxx, gelbooru and danbooru
  • Generate a random pornstar name (Example: Wild Lad)
  • Change the language Maya speaks
  • Fetch NSFW(18+) images (konachan)
  • 8ball, ask a question and get a randomized 8ball style response
  • Rate how kawaii something is
  • Take a shot at someone and see if you hit
  • Basic permissions
  • Make Maya say something
  • Toss a coin
  • Assign and remove roles to users
  • Woop~! Woop~!
  • Get an 8ball response to your question
  • Get detailed stats
  • Fetch a random picture of a cute cat
  • PONG! With ping in ms
  • Get a link to the GitHub page
  • Modify channels to be NSFW so you can use the nsfw command in that channel
  • Kick people with an optional reason
  • Ban people with an optional reason
  • Rate your waifu
  • Purge(delete) x amount of messages from the channel
  • Hug someone~!
  • Change the command prefix
  • Get a link to the Patreon page
  • Music player
  • Translate some text
  • Fetch information about anime or manga from MyAnimeList
  • Configurable welcome message with information about the user in a nice embed
  • Configurable PM welcome message
  • Auto-roleing
  • Display information about the server

Coming soon

  • Implement more languages (Need help from you for proper localisation)
  • Advanced per command configurable permissions

If you have any other feature suggestions feel free to message me.


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Portugese
  • Spanish

If you want to add your language, feel free message me and I'll get you set up!